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Finish Line Automotive & Performance recently installed our brand new Dynojet 224 xLC eddy load current chassis dyno!  We have all the newest options to read your horsepower & torque, air/fuel ratio, engine RPM, boost, and now even OBDII functions like MAF voltage, spark advance, air temps, etc!

We have over 6 years experience dyno testing and custom tuning Denver's highest horsepower vehicles... from street to race, we are the place!  Dyno testing is available for both front and rear wheel drive cars and trucks.  We can also provide wideband air fuel ratios for all types of fuels including: unleaded, leaded, race gas, and E85 or alcohol applications.

Whether you are curious to know how much power your vehicle has, or need full service custom tuning for carbureted and fuel injected vehicles, we can help.  Give us a call at 720-201-1834 to answer any questions or schedule an appointment!  We also welcome car clubs and can do full day dyno rentals for any group size.  Call for more details.


Dyno Pricing:

  • Baseline Dyno Testing = $99 (up to one hour max)
  • Custom Dyno Tuning = $150 per hour (Carbureted or fuel injected.  Authorized custom tuning center for Diablosport, SCT, HP Tuners, Big Stuff3, and more! 

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You won't find a better level of service anywhere!!

Our Baseline Dyno Testing includes:

  •  Rear wheel horsepower 
  • Rear wheel torque 
  • Air/fuel ratio 
  • Printouts of your runs 
  • Up to one hour maximum
  • Inertia or load testing 

Our Custom Dyno Tuning includes*:

  • Professionally calibrated tunes for both carb and EFI 
  • Optimized air fuel ratios to safely make horsepower with boost, nitrous, high compression, etc 
  • Custom spark tables to make power without detonation
  • Tunes specific for your fuel and intended use, such as drag or road racing.
  • Carbureted and fuel injected tuning available 
  • Horsepower & torque readings
  • Printouts of your runs
  • Priced at $150 per hour

*Call for additional information

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