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Finish Line is a complete automotive mechanical and fabrication shop capable of taking care of your every need.  We have the experience and knowledge to offer a full range of services from  suspensions, drivetrain, electrical, fuel systems, chassis, engines, welding, and computerized diagnostics.  In addition, we are also a VP Fuel dealer, and can fill your nitrous bottles!

Suspension:                                                                                                                                 _______________________________
Replacement of springs, shocks, and struts.
Lowering kits installed.
Manual steering racks.
Tubular K-members and coilover kits.
Anit-roll bars installed and setup.

Drivetrain:                                                                                                                                   _______________________________
Clutches from $250.
Rear gear swaps from $300.
Driveshaft safety loops.
Transmission swaps.
Trans brakes and race upgrades.

Chassis:                                                                                                                                       _______________________________
Subframe connectors.
Custom roll bars and cages.
Safety equipment, window nets, harnesses, seats.

Electrical:                                                                                                                                     _______________________________
Battery relocation.
Wiring kits and aftermarket fuel injection.
Electric fans.

Fuel Systems:                                                                                                                               _______________________________
Larger injectors and fuel pumps.
Complete aftermarket fuel systems.
Custom made fuel lines in braided stainless, pushlock, and hard lines.
E-85 conversions.

Welding and Fabrication:                                                                                                             _______________________________
MIG welding.
TIG welding of cromoly, steel, stainless, and aluminum.
Turbo and intercooler kits for any vehicle.

Intercooler and radiator repairs.
Custom made aluminum tubing kits.
Custom made exhaust systems using full mandrel bends.

Catch cans made in any size or shape.

Custom made MAF Sensor housings in almost any size tubing!

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